Invisislide Soft Lauch 4oz bottle

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Soft launch solution will include a 4oz bottle of invisislide. 

Invisislide is a a thin milky solution that dries quickly and completely clear.  It helps conceal the edges of your clear waterslide decals helping to make them invisible to the naked eye.  This process works extremely well for tricky solid bases as well as dark bases. 

Compatible with all brands of waterslide paper.

Invisislide is a water based product.  Use of gloves and respirator is suggested.


1. Add a thin layer to the surface in the area where you apply your waterslide.  

2. Apply waterslide directly on the solution.  You will have time to move it around and position the waterslide correctly.

3. Once positioned correctly, carefully remove all liquid from under the waterslide.  Make sure all air bubbles are removed during this step.

4. Add 3 thin coats of invisislide directly over the waterslide and over its edges, allowing each coat to dry to the touch in between.  Once the 3rd layer is dry continue on with the next step in your project. 



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