My Favorite Amazon Craft finds

amazon craft finds favorite items

Here you will find a list of my favorite Amazon craft finds.  I purchase a lot of my craft accessories off Amazon.  I will try to keep this as updated as possible and add all of the things I use in the videos in my group.  

All Amazon links on this post are affiliate links.  Using this link to order will not cost you any extra but will earn me a small commission.  With the current economy any extra helps. 

Glitter Acrylic Pens for filling the back of your engraved mirror acrylic tags.


Opaque Paint Pens for filling the back of your mirror acrylic tags

My favorite acrylic paint.  This is a very large set that goes on sale often.  Perfect for painting the back of acrylics as well as base painting.  Most colors are very opaque.

Bulk paint brushes for bad brush parents.  If you often forget to clean your brushes this one is for you.  30 brushes for $10

Lighter colors of acrylic paint pens for back of mirrored acrylic tags

5ml Syringes to fill tumbler tumbler shaker butts.  CAUTION these are very sharp.  I recap all of my syringes and store them for future use.  Since these are only used for crafting they can be used numerous times.

If sharp pointy objects aren't your thing, you can also use needle top bottles.  You will have to make a hole in the acetate sheet prior to filling it you choose to use these.

Transparency film to make the cover for your glitter butt.

UV Light for curing UV resin.  With UV resin the higher wattage the light, the faster/better the cure.  The really powerful ones are super expensive but this one has great power and a great price point.


Flashlight to cure UV resin under your tags.  Flashlight has 51 lights and a larger head. There are smaller options available as well.

UV resin for Tag application.

E6000 clear adhesive.

Gorilla glue

C-Bond thick plastic super glue

3M scotch-weld plastic specific glue


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