Invisislide MSDS


Material Safety Data Sheet

Product and Company Identification

Product name:                                                           Invisislide

Company Info:                                                           NewFoundFinishes

Company Address:                                                    PO BOX 6502, EDSON, AB                                                                                     T7E 1T9


Not regulated as a dangerous good


Hazard Identification

Chemicals Hazard Class                                            Skin Corrosion/ irritation category 3

                                                                                      Eye Damage category 2B

                                                                                      Water environmental hazardous substance level 3


GHS Label Elements                                                  Warning

Including precautionary statements                      Skin contact may cause irritation

                                                                                      Eye contact may cause irritation

                                                                                      Can be toxic to aquatic life

Precautionary Statement                                         Wash thoroughly after contact with skin

                                                                                      Keep tightly closed in a dry, cool and well ventilated area

Other Hazards                                                            None


Composition Information

Acrylic Polymer                                                          <50%     CAS#9003-01-4

Water                                                                           <45%     CAS#7732-18-5

Hazardous Components                                            Concentration Ranges

Tributoxyethylphosphate                                          <3%      CAS#78-51-3

Dipropylene glycol methyl ether                              <6%      CAS#34590-94-8



Inhalation                                                                     No specific first aid measures required

Skin Contact                                                           Immediately flush with                                                                                             plenty of water.  If                                                                                                     irritation develops get medical                                                                                 attention

Eye Contact                                                           Immediately flush with plenty                                                                                   of water for at least 15

                                                                               Minutes, if irritation                                                                                                   persists, get medical attention

Ingestion                                                               If patient is about to lose                                                                                          consciousness, lost

                                                                              Consciousness or has                                                                                            convulsions, do not feed                                                                                         anything by mouth. Drink 2                                                                                       glasses of water. Do                                                                                              Not Vomiting and get medical                                                                                  attention immediately. If the                                                                                    Patient vomits spontaneously,                                                                                 keep the patient’s body                                                                                          Forward to avoid risk of                                                                                          inhalation and give more water                                                                                Repeatedly.

Most important symptoms                                       Heart and abdominal pressure, dizziness and vomiting

Side effects, acute and delayed    

PPE for first aid responders                                      None

Identification of immediate medical

Attention and special treatment needed               None


Fire fighting measures                                               Non-flammable liquid


Accidental release measures

Personal precautions, protective                            Use personal protective equipment

Equipment and emergency procedures    

Environmental precautions                                      None

Cleaning up methods                                                 No not touch the leakage.  Avoid spills into sewers,

                                                                                       Drains or confined spaces.  Stop or deduce the leakage

                                                                                        Under safe conditions


Handling and storage                                                

Precautions for safe handling                                   Avoid contact with skin and eyes

                                                                                      Wash thoroughly after handling

                                                                                       Do not reuse packaging for storing liquids or beverages

                                                                                       Do not mix with other chemicals

                                                                                       Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry and well- ventilated



Personal Protection

Respiratory Protection                                             Wear a mask

Eye Protection                                                           Wear safety goggles

Hand Protection                                                        Wear Rubber Gloves

Skin and Body Protection                                         Wear Clothes to prevent skin contact


Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical State        Liquid

Color                       Milky White

Odor                       Moderate

PH Value                8.0

Melting Point        None

Boiling Point          N/A

Flammability         Non-Flammable

Solubility                Soluble in water


Chemical Stability

This product is stable

Conditions to avoid                                  Avoid high and extreme low temperature

Incompatible Materials                            Strong oxidizers such as nitic and sulfuric acids



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